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What is CGPA?

CGPA is referred to as a cumulative grade point average. It was introduced in the CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System for Class X. CGPA gives the average grade point of the student performance in all the subjects excluding the additional Subject. The subject wise performance of the students is recorded in forms of Grades.

Why is it CGPA used?

The CGPA is used to denote the overall performance of the student in the academic session as grades. The CGPA system was introduced to ease the burden of marks and the stress of the examinations among students. Due to this reason, the CGPA system is also used in some of the bachelor's and Master's Degree.


Marks Grades CGPA
91 to 100 A1 10
81 to 90 A2 9
71 to 80 B1 8
61 to 70 B2 7
51 to 60 C1 6
41 to 50 C2 5
33 to 40 D 4
21 to 32 E1 0
00 to 20 E2 0

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CGPA to Percentage Calculator

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